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IT Training Product Features & Pricing

Training Features and Pricing

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Expert Instructor-Led Training

Quickcert offers students the opportunity to watch easy to follow training videos led by expert instructors who are passionate about educating. This creates a personal online learning experience and simulates the benefits of classroom learning- without leaving the comfort of your home.
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Unique Course Content

QuickCert creates its very own unique course content and offers 20-50+ hours of fresh material per course. We strive to create compelling, effective course material for you to study and comprehend in order to pass your actual certification exams. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, CompTIA Board Member and EC- Council Authorized Training Center for online learning, QuickCert also incorporates the official approved curriculum into our Computer-Based-Training, guaranteeing you receive the information and training needed to get you certified.

3-Tiered Exam Prep

Practice Exams - Broad exams that do not adhere to a specific module

Single-Objective Testing - Exams that adhere to a specific module and focus on specific skills within the module to test that area of knowledge

Certification Simulators - A benchmark to learn where your strong and weak points exist. The simulator gives you a chance to practice the actual certification exam. We offer this simulator experience in the same format as the actual exam you will take at the testing center

QuickCert incorporates practice tests and certification exam simulators into all of our online courseware. The flexibility of QuickCert's practice tests and exam simulators allow you to apply your knowledge and test what you have learned, ensuring you have the skills and confidence needed to pass your exams - the first time.

24/7 Course Access

Access our courses anytime, anywhere on any device. Simply log-in online and gain the skills you need at your own pace! Courses are arranged in multiple on-demand sections, with navigation and controls that allow you to fast forward, skip, go back, stop, restart, and control the pace of your training. You can stop at any time and easily find where you left off in your training.

100+ IT Training Course Videos

Purchase an annual subscription to our entire library of IT training videos and gain access to over 100 unique training sessions to learn what you need when you need it.

Unlimited Customer Support

With any purchase of QuickCert training material, you are guaranteed access to our staff of training and support professionals for one year. Accessible by phone and email, our staff is here to help you get the most out of your training or to answer technical questions.

Our Guarantee

QuickCert’s online IT training courses are guaranteed to get you certified – or we will pay for your make-up exam. Our quality online IT courseware, packed with instruction, exercises, practice exams and test simulators will ensure you pass the exam.
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