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QuickCert IT Training Pro Pack Features

Practice Makes Perfect: Practice with Pro Packs. Look for courses with +Pro Pack

QuickCert Online IT Training now offers the "Pro Pack" as an additional feature to your IT course or bundle. The Pro Pack is designed to further assist students in their trial and error learning and self study. The Pro Pack is a desirable feature because you, the student, set the pace with online learning when it is convenient for your schedule. Over 150,000 students have used QuickCert to obtain their IT certifications - a trusted source for online learning! Below is a list of what is offered in our Pro Packs.

Pro Pack Features

QuickCert is constantly looking at new courses and material to present to students. We make it our mission to provide the latest advances in technology and course material to you as soon as it becomes available. We decide which courses to offer based on feedback from you, the student and customer. Let us know which courses you want and we will make an effort to start carrying and teaching that material.

Interactive Lab Environments Interactive Hands-On Lab Environment - (Try a free Live Lab Demo)

When trying to learn new IT course material, physically doing the tasks yourself is often the best way to learn. QuickCert Online IT Training offers you a live testing environment where you can log-in and practice skills you learn in your IT training courses. You can build, break, and fix anything. This is a helpful feature to have at your fingertips while in the field for testing purposes. You can practice skills through trial and error and then apply what you have learned to your live company environment.


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